Leather Updates

Is leather more popular than ever before?

We recently discussed the prevalence of trans-seasonal looks on the runway, focusing on the frequent appearances of fur, heavy fabrics and wintery palettes at the SS14 shows. Leather, of course, played a significant role in bridging the seasons on the catwalks last month, and it is also appearing as one of AW13/14 top 10 trends. However, it seems it’s not only high end designers who have gone crazy for the luxe fabric – the commercial data shows a 52% increase in the number of leather products arriving online in the last three months, compared to the same period one year ago.

The surge in interest surrounding the fabric is further supported by the increased global worth of the leather industry, which has gone up 16.1 million in the three years to 2011*. We spoke to Le Cuir, the leather and fur trade show, in Paris, who reported not only an 8% increase in exhibitors at their September 2013 show, but a dramatic jump of 21.5% in visitors attending the show. The majority of that growth came from European visitors, but a 25% increase in US/Canadian visitors and 17.3% increase in Asian visitors to the event suggests that this is a global trend.

Kinds of Leather used in furniture upholstery

Leather is widely used in an array of different products. Book covers, all kinds of bags, purses, clothes, upholstery material, shoes, belts, and even wallpapers are popular products in which leather is used all around the world. The durability and flexibility of leather makes it an excellent alternative to other covering materials. The quality of leather to keep cool in summer and warm during winter makes it the top upholstery material.

Leather being obtained from cows, goats, sheep, pigs, are some obvious sources and some rare sources like ostriches and stingrays; they can have different finishes and appearances. Depending on the kind of usage and wear and tear requirements of the furniture, the type of leather is chosen. Chairs, sofa sets, recliners, stools, bean bag, car seats, and cushions are products that use leather upholstery. However, the following are commonly used kinds of leather products in furniture upholstery.